Yes, indeed, I have, and do, work at the beach. The picture above was taken July 5, 2007, Ocean Shores Washington, while working in my van.

I've worked in different cities, on Mt. Rainier, at the Pacific Coast, in New York City, on the train, in the plane, in my father's front room, and various places around Seattle, including the observation deck of the Space Needle. I've been doing this for nearly 20 years.

Being a serious mobile worker is more than grabbing your laptop and heading down to the local coffee shop. Over the years I've perfected a system of reliability and flexibilty.

In my e-book, available through Amazon, I go into detail about the various ways to keep up and running while on the move.

Topics include:

  • Power: People take power for granted. A serious mobile worker never does. There are three devices I always carry with me -- just in case -- from years of experience. I'm certain you have not thought of these, because I have never seen anyone with them.
  • Backup: Backup is more than data. I'll explain how I can be up and running in minutes if my laptop crashes.
  • Data: I would be amiss to not address data backup. I've not lost any data since January 2001. No kidding.
  • Internet: I started using wireless Internet in 1996 -- long before WiFi and cellular connections. With this long history, I don't rely on WiFi, and neither do I rely on a single Internet source while on the road.
  • Cables: Yes, you should carry some basic cables -- even if you are a heavy WiFi user. I explain what and why.
  • Faxing on the Go: You never know; you might need to receive or send a fax. What are the options?
  • See the full Table of Contents here.

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MobileWriter is available as an e-book through Amazon.

About the Author

Bruce Miller has been involved with technology since the mid 1980's and has been helping friends and associates along the way.

For 12 years he was a contributing editor of Puget Sound Computer User Magazine and contributor to national publications. The last 14 years he's been the IT person for a national association of non-fiction writers.

He's provided automation consulting and programming to law firms and designed and programmed relational database systems for various organizations.

He's an avid consumer of international news, conceiving and directly implementing a private streaming audio system of international news channels from satellites.

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